Birthday BURPEES!!!!!!!

CrossFit in Medina For Women ONLY
CrossFit in Medina  For Women ONLY

Gosh it seems like forever since I’ve posted on this blog. I’m sure that noone has been missing my rambles but thought that I might share this weeks to do’s since it’s my BIRTHDAY week 🙂

Do you celebrate your birthday week or just the day you were born? This has been the best week ever so far because I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Buddy Walk in Canton, OH.

Since Jaci & Tim have been volunteering here we thought we could donate our photography skills and provide the organization with some great pics. It feels good to give our time to a great cause, we’re looking forward to helping out again next year.

Buddy Walk

Visiting with the families that had Down Syndrome children really opened my eyes up to the challenges that those families face every day.  And that beautiful newborn baby boy with the nasal tube smiling at his Mommy as she beamed looking into his gorgeous blue eyes inspired me to focus on me this week. My gorgeous, healthy, loving and intelligent family that I’ve been blessed with made me think….

Smurf Family

THANK YOU GOD for blessing Don & me with our health & our beautiful family & now I need to kick it in high gear as I go in to the next half century of my life!

Laney Family at Buddy Walk

And since this is my birthday week I decided that EVERY day this week would be filled with prayer, meditation, laughter and an abundance of fitness. Don kicked that idea in high gear on Sunday morning by loading up the truck with our bikes & off we went for a 14 mile trail ride filled with fun & laughter. A healthy breakfast, an exciting BROWNS game, a little foam rolling, and some fresh air with yard work started my week off just as planned.

Lately I’ve had a few clients request some 6AM workouts so I’ve been setting my alarm & getting my butt up earlier than normal & prepping their plans. It’s actually been extremely beneficial for me since I can get my studio work done early & focus on ME late mornings before the next wave of classes start. Monday was a little different tho since Don was taking a vacation day. We kicked around the idea of another bike ride but when he suggested we close up the studio & head to Mohican for a 10 mile kayak I was EXCITED!!

Mohican Kayak

So a special Thank You to those afternoon clients that I “punked” out on. I never cancel classes for myself. Bad weather, no electric or studio issues sometimes cause us to shut down but NEVER to do things for me. I felt guilty for canceling but Don reassured me that we needed to just lock up & “get away” so I was game!

This weeks ‘birthday plan’ was definitely going well 🙂

But today I really needed to get out & run since I committed to the upcoming February 2015 Disney Princess Half Marathon & needed to get some miles under my belt, I decided to jump some rope, do a quick 20 minute WOD before heading out for a 4 mile slog. It felt so good to get out in the crisp air that when I was done slogging I jumped on my Trike & put a leg blasting, lung burning 10 miles on. The trails at Buckeye Woods were quiet today & with the Fall chill in the air, the birds chirping, and smiles from the elderly couple walking the inlet it made for another perfect day!

So tell me, how do you celebrate being another year older? I’d love to hear your comments 🙂

celebrate you

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