BeachBody Coaching ~ Run as fast as you can!

bb scam A funny thing happened to me this morning ~~ a past client called to tell me how excited she was to be involved in a new adventure that she was certain I would want to be a part of. My first thought was OH GEEZ not another scam!

I listened as she excitedly told me about BeachBody and all of the opportunities to make a “ton” of money. I snickered as I let her ramble. After she babbled on and on about how healthy the meal shakes were, about how fun the workout DVD’s were & about all the weight she had lost using these products she proceeded to tell me about the opportunity to be a coach & teach others about the BeachBody products. Keep in mind that I have been a “coach” for 26+ years, have numerous certifications, and spend a “ton” of money on continuing education to be the best of the best so becoming a coach just to sell products to my clients is not what I’m about!

Here’s the kicker about BeachBody…. While the exercise programs this company offers are useful, they only function as a lead-in to other products of dubious value. What they want more than anything to is to sign people up to get regularly billed for their nutritional supplements like Shakeology ($120 monthly) Acti-vit ($25 monthly) or the teambeachbody club ($38.97 quarterly)

Let’s talk about this Shakeology. It does have good nutrition in it so if you’re grossly obese it will help you to lose weight. It is way better than McDonald’s & way better than skipping a meal. However, it is WAY WAY WAY overpriced. There’s a product that you can pick up in some health food stores called Spiru-Tein that tastes amazing & costs a fraction of the price. Truth be told, coaches do turn a small profit from sales, but a lot of the revenue goes to the elite coach events like cruises and what not. So keep in mind there are cheaper options with decent nutrition if you’re looking for a shake. Check out AdvoCare shakes if you need to keep something in the house for an occasional meal replacement 🙂

And what about the BeachBody workouts? I love their workouts and I have a huge library of everything from P90X to Yoga, To Barre, To Kettlebells. Heck it’s been almost 10 years now that I’ve been certified to teach PiYo & I absolutely LOVE it!! If you love to workout at home these are great DVD’s to have in your library. And when you get a minute to get over to your local library you’ll find they carry these DVD’s for you to use for FREE!!!!!!

What about the supplements. Don’t bother because they are WAY overpriced!! I just checked out the Body Beast supplement creatine. They have that priced about five times what you can buy it on amazon. Creatine monohydrate is creatine monohydrate. Period. Huge mark up. Do your homework and buy your supplements elsewhere. I use AdvoCare & many physicians that I know do as well so I trust AdvoCare 100%

As for being a coach – DON’T call me!! I’ve heard many, many people dump more money into these MLM’s than what they get out of it and then kid themselves into thinking it’s a retirement option.

easy I heard they even have classes that you can attend that teach things like “How to never take no for an answer when trying to sign on new coaches” or “How to not take no for an answer when selling shakeology.” SERIOUSLY??!! What about classes like how to actually help people who need to lose weight or better yet, how to help people with health conditions so you don’t recommend products that aren’t right for them!

So what’s next? I’ve already had a ton of people tell me to get involved in PLEXUS, the little pink drink 🙂 Oh and a couple years ago we had the Isagenix cult flowing thru our community. My advice to anyone who is financially desperate is to steer clear of Beachbody and all other MLM’s. You will not make a “ton” of money through an MLM. You may even LOSE money, and if you’re not careful, you’ll also alienate all of your family, friends, neighbors, and everyone else you care about because you’ve been hammering them to “join your team” and pour money down a black hole.

Here’s some final thoughts ~ if you want to buy a workout, just buy it. If you use it and follow it’s outline and menu guide, you will probably have fun and see some good results! Don’t bother being a coach, don’t waste your money on supplements, go check out Spiru-Tein or the AdvoCare shakes instead of paying a ton of money on Shakeology. Better yet, just cook all your own food with healthy organic ingredients 🙂

Just a heads up to anyone reading this: DO NOT contact me for these scams – There’s no pill, powder or potions to wellness. Let me repeat that: There’s no pill, powder or potions to wellness.

I prefer to eat right, hydrate properly, exercise daily & not live my life pushing product. Cheers to an ACTIVE & PRODUCTIVE day!

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