Spring CrossFit Classes ~ Medina Ohio

spring1   Can you believe its already April 15th? Temps are improving & lots of clients are getting outside to prep for their upcoming triathlons, marathons & local running events. Soon we’ll be able to pull out the paddle boards, large tires & outdoor fitness equipment & get some killer core work in 🙂

And that brings us to our group classes…. We’ll stay on the Tuesday/Thursday 5:30PM schedule & we’ll add a 4:30PM class when we get more than 12 people confirmed. Since we have recently (April 1, 2015) changed to a 48 hour cancellation for credit policy I will be able to let everyone know by Monday/Wednesday mornings whether or not we will be adding a 4:30PM.

saturdaySaturday CrossFit classes will still be at 7:30AM & the PiYo class will be at 8:30AM. It’s been a ton of fun watching everyone progress & improve on their PR’s this winter & I’m so glad that we decided to bring PiYo back, it’s been a great addition to our Saturday classes.

results2So let’s address your RESULTS! If you did not achieve your weight loss goal then ask yourself WHY? Did you drink more water consistently ~ 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water? Did you do at least 3 days of 20 minutes HARD cardio? Did you weight train 3-5 days each week? What was your diet like? Did you eat right for your type? Did you fuel every 3 hours with 300-500 calories? How was your sleep? Did you get at least 7 quality hours? Let’s start by honestly answering these questions then focusing on making some changes to improve your health & achieve those goals that you set for yourself!


I look forward to helping all of you achieve that healthy, fit body & if there is anything you ever need, you have my cell 🙂

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