Celebrating 27 Years of Teaching!

IMG_7218 Gosh it’s been a long time since I’ve written in this blog. So long that I forgot my password & had to go in & reset it! Or maybe it’s just “old age” settling in as I celebrate 52 years. I recently mentioned to my hubby of 33 years that I can’t see or hear him anymore so I just go by feel’ to make sure he’s still around 😉

And to think that this November I am celebrating 27 years in the wellness industry!! I still have some original clients and those that I am currently working with have been here 5+ years! Gives me goosebumps every time I get texts like these!

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I’ve also seen a few clients come & go. I’ve seen them join running clubs & hurt their hip coming back in for a little rehab. I’ve seen knee & hip issues due to clients visiting gyms for a spinning class & the instructor failed to educate them on the proper set up. I’ve seen some of my clients leave to go to other CrossFit facilities and come back injured because they were lifting way to heavy or trying to keep up with the 20 other people in the class.

Now I know that I’ve taught my clients proper form and that the main reason they get injured is that most of these people in these boxes compete with one another & lift way to heavy way to early. Coaches don’t modify for the individual nor do they correct their form. I’ve spoke with a lot of these owners & asked about their certifications and experience. Most have less than 5 years teaching & have just taken a weekend CrossFit certification. I know firsthand because I’ve visited 3 CrossFit gyms in our area this year & this was the case for all of them! YIKES!

I take pride in the way we do things here at the studio. I keep the groups small & I have clients reserve their spot because I spend a lot of time considering each person’s capabilities, needs, and wellness goals when designing their plan. I’ve been known to wake up in the middle of the night & write things down for specific clients so I don’t forget what I need them to do. Whether it is in one of our small group classes, a pair train or a private, I think the best part of my job is watching them grow as individuals; their self-confidence, their strengths (mental & physical) the relationships that are formed here & the fitness family that they have become. I’m thankful that each & every one of you is in our life!

Recently I invited a past client in for a morning class & afterwards asked her to survey the studio. She hadn’t been here in a while, she lives quite a distance from us & has been to numerous facilities so I wanted her honest opinion about our business.

Here is what she said:

First of all before I publish War and Peace on your inbox….THANK YOU for the invite! Keep me in mind if you need to fill morning spots!

Judging by today’s workout, I need to go a little harder!! I worked briefly with a trainer at Zephyr’s; I like her a lot as a person, but as a trainer….not so much. She was knowledgeable but her workouts would sometimes take me over 1.5 hours. I had just come from your studio into that gym, and it seemed like a giant step backwards. She charged $25 per session, handed me a folder with a detailed workout, ran through it once and I was on my own. She may have spent 20 minutes with me.

CrossFit Wooster opened, and I joined, attended classes for 6 months (?), yea, it was that memorable. They moved 2x in that 6 months, and have moved now for a 3rd time. It seems like a more permanent location, I guess. It’s still sort of filthy. It just wasn’t a good fit for me; I was never really comfortable there. There are numerous “trainers” that are certified level 1 CrossFit, but what does that really even mean, they can pass a test? I am not a fan of the owner, at all. The only membership option was monthly-unlimited $90.

So I’ve settled in at Zephyr’s. It’s big and fancy with all the expensive equipment. Open 24/7. They take care of nothing. There are 2 rowers, and one is fairly new. I’ve seen a few people use them and believe me, they take a beating. Members are responsible for wiping down equipment when they’re finished; you can only imagine how that goes. I won’t even touch the machines anymore, several units have tears in the vinyl, exposing the padding….which makes them even more disgusting. I stick mainly to the spin bike (had to buy bike shoes with clips b/c the straps may or may not be attached), Jacobs Ladder, rower, KB and free weights. They have some of the same equipment you do, such as BOSU, med balls, etc. I bought my own Rogue jump rope and AB mat. I wipe stuff before and after I use it. I found a WOD generator that I use a lot. And YouTube. Zephyr’s costs $300/year. I have no trainer.

Their “staff” is not able to do more than show you how to use machines, so they are pretty much useless. They opened a new CrossFit Studio, a one year unlimited class membership is $960, so $80 a month. One time classes are $10 each. I haven’t been in the studio, I don’t know who the coach(s) are, so I have no opinion.

So, now for Elite Fitness: You are a personal trainer/dietitian/motivator, the list goes on. And even with a studio full of clients, I believe each of us gets the coaching needed to get through whatever workout. I think we get personal training, every time we’re there. The studio is clean, the equipment is maintained. Your clients are happy to be there. I remember my first class, thinking I would at least give it a try, I never expected it to stick. You motivate and inspire people to be better, do more and to push limits. I would not be working out now had it not been for meeting you……and I’m not blowing smoke, it’s the honest to God truth. Comparing your rates to those of Zephyr’s and CrossFit Wooster…is like comparing apples to oranges. There is no comparison.

And on that note I say THANK YOU to all of you that have trusted in me to create your wellness plan. I take pride in everything I do & will continue to work hard to meet your needs! Please don’t hesitate to ask questions, call me when you need me & tell me what you need to SUCCEED! That’s exactly why you hired me & that’s exactly why I do what I do… 27 years later & going STRONG 🙂

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