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I jumped at the chance when I was recently approached by Skinny & Co to try out some of their amazing coconut oil products! When the package arrived Jaci & I decided to split the products & try them for one week. Check out the package that they sent:

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The products smell FANTASTIC and we were so excited that they were 100% raw, alkaline coconut oil made with nothing but 100% pure, raw, pesticide free, wild coconuts from the pristine jungles of Vietnam.

I dove right into the oil pulling product that’s used to freshen breath, whiten teeth & improve oral health. It was PHENOMENAL!! I LoVe oil pulling so I was thrilled that this product was just what I needed to compliment my natural regimen of baking soda, sea salt, peroxide & essential oils. I used the face & body moisturizer on my feet before bed and awoke with the softest feet ever! I’ll definitely add this to my nightly regime.

Jaci tried the moisturizer product for dry skin & used it to heal some razor burn that she had. Timing was perfect for her to try this. She got immediate relief & the coconut oil mixed with almond oil & essential oils was just what she needed to calm the inflammation!


Jaci also used the make up remover that even someone with sensitive skin would benefit from & mentioned that it worked great without leaving her face feel greasy. She also tried the exfoliant and stated that although it was a little messy it smelled fantastic & worked well. She tried it on just one arm for the week & could see a noticeable difference!!

So yesterday we traded products and this week I will be trying the ones that Jaci had and she will use the oil pulling and face & body moisturizer. We’ll keep you updated on our results. If you’re ready to try out some of these amazing products you can check them out here: Check Out Skinny & Co

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