What is Thai Massage?

Thai Massage is an ancient healing art based on Ayurvedic medicine and Yoga that helps to reduce stress levels and improve overall circulation. This is accomplished by gradual movement of the person through different yoga-like positions & improves flexibility, reducing pain and allowing for greater range of motion.

Thai Massage combines gentle, assisted yoga stretches with deep tissue manipulation and pressure point stimulation. This amazing technique opens up your body’s energy channels providing you with both a physical and energetic therapy. Carole will adjust the pressure and stretching techniques to suit your specific needs and body type.

Thai Massage traditionally starts at the feet and ends at the crown of the head. Incorporating gentle compression and stretching your muscles to help stimulate lymph. Thai massage has been shown to increase range of motion and reduce pain. Carole performs your massage on a Thai mat on the floor and she has helped numerous clients relieve back pain, headaches, emotional and physical traumas.

You remain clothed and comfortable while Carole does all of the work! Thai massage is often referred to as ‘lazy yoga’. Call Carole and give it a try, you’ll be glad you did!

Thai Massage

$ 90
  • A 45-minute session of clearing physical, emotional, mental and karmic energy imprints while improving flexibility